Rob & Janis – Maine

“Mary Ann,

We have wrestled with just how to express our gratitude to you. From the moment you arrived at Betty’s your genuine respect and appreciation for her home was obvious. You deeply acknowledged and sensed the storehouse of treasured memories it holds ad how much she cherished her home, her beloved haven. We knew right away that putting Betty’s home into your hands was the right thing to do and we are deeply grateful to you for your tender thoughtfulness, your sincere kindness and your genuine goodness.

We are so pleased to have met both yourself and Ken. You go above and beyond in representing your clients and we are blessed to have connected right away with you and to be able to have worked with you so effortlessly, efficiently and productively.

Thank you for having us over to your home and for sharing of yourselves. Your farm is amazing and it reflects your love and care and the deep and beautiful person you are.

God Bless You.

With deep gratitude.”

— Rob & Janis